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Pooja Bommareddy
My name is Pooja Bommareddy and I'm a law student from New Delhi. You can usually find me buried in the deep ends of the internet, reading up on obscure facts about everything ranging from entertainment to the environment. I am deeply passionate about women and child empowerment and tackling climate change. I believe that society's progress is inhibited by our inability to act as a collective unity.
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The outbreak of the coronavirus or the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the brittle nature of the world to us. Economies have collapsed all around the world – rendering millions of people jobless, thereby making their situations significantly tougher. Everyone is on the tip of their toes in anticipation of when a vaccine for Covid-19 would […]
This article delves into the topic of the effects of climate change on agriculture and the impact this has on the mental health of farmers
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