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Nadashree M.K
Nadashree M.K. completed her Masters from Pondicherry University and is currently associated with the Svadhyaya Youth Organization based in New Delhi. Follow her on her journey as she attempts to learn more about the environment and human rights.
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In October 1957, the USSR created a new history in humankind by launching first-ever artificial satellite- Sputnik 1 into space. It not only marked the beginning of new explorations and the Space Age but also befouling of space in the coming decades. Space Junk Is Real Space junk or space debris is any kind of […]
We all know what climate change is and how it affects our planet. But have you ever wondered about the impact of climate change on the most vulnerable and marginalised sections of our society? What is intersectional environmentalism? Many of us may be new to intersectional environmentalism. Before coming to the topic, let’s see what […]
Climate change and its effects have become a significant threat to the existence of life on Earth. Even as the world celebrates ‘Environment Day’ on June 5th of every year to raise awareness on the importance of protecting our planet, environmental catastrophes are increasing each year.  Is COVID-19 just the beginning? The outbreak of the […]
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