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Komma Ramesh Babu
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Our planet will never be the same. The 51st Earth Day is a stark reminder of how drastically our environment changed over the years. It’s also a reminder for us to be thankful and embrace our environment by taking further steps to protect its integrity!  Now comes the question: “What can I do? How much […]
Are we selfless or selfish as human beings? More importantly, are you selfish or selfless? I am sure you have started to think about the times you were selfish and selfless in life. Aren’t we all selfless about at least one thing in our lives? We are selfless or selfish because of some purpose. In […]
New generation thoughts are written colorfully on an old cardboard piece. Modern generation students are on the streets, restaging old approaches to bring change. Evolving support and attention on climate action revolving around the planet every Friday. It all started on a Friday in Switzerland when Greta Thunberg raised her voice in front of the […]
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