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Garvita Gulhati
In 2015, Garvita learned that 14 million liters of water is wasted every year at restaurant tables. Moved, she started Why Waste? From struggling to be taken seriously by restaurateurs, she and her team of ‘waterpreneurs’ have reached out to over 500,000 restaurants across India, prevented over 10 million liters of water from being wasted, and impacted over 6 million lives. The idea continues to grow today with chapters in eight countries. Called the “Water Girl of India”, Garvita most recently became the youngest lister on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia-Pacific list of Social Entrepreneurs and is the first and only Indian to be awarded a Wonder Grant from the Shawn Mendes Foundation. She is an expert mentor at Global Citizen Year and works with UNICEF on their Youth climate strategy. Garvita is an engineering graduate and is also a professional classical dancer and calligraphy artist.
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