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Diya Gupta
My name is Diya Gupta and I have been vegan for 3.5 years now. I study culinary and I am a vegan chef. I started an instagram blog the_vegan_gal less than a year back to prove that vegan food isn’t boring and I now take orders too. My family and I love desserts which is how my vegan dessert trials started and I promise there is nothing that I cannot make vegan
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India is believed to be a vastly vegetarian country, Indians being considered as fairly low meat-eaters. If so then why is it so hard for us to move a step further and ditch dairy? Yes, it is true that when compared to other countries, Indians do consume less meat. However, only around 30% of Indians […]
Veganism is a lifestyle choice, an ethical and compassionate one. People turn vegan for different reasons, maybe health, environment, or animal welfare. If you are unsure and swayed by common myths on veganism, here are some facts from a vegan herself: Vegans and vegetarians are the same Fact: Absolutely not! Vegans do NOT consume any […]
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