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Bikrant Tiwary
Bikrant Tiwary, an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and a Master's in commerce from Ranchi University, has over 20 years of diverse experience in insurance, media, and social sector. His exposure to the certificate program of Harvard Business School gave him a new vision to the business. He has been a winner of Silicon Valley Fellowship organized by AFI and has also been nominated by U.S. Consulate General Mumbai for their EcoHeroes campaign. Bikrant is the first CEO of Grow-Trees.com and the former National Head of GiveIndia, the largest philanthropic online platform. He had left his corporate career in 2010 with a passion to bring positive social changes to society
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When the nation encountered repercussions of the novel corona virus for the first time, the improving condition of our environment was the only silver lining amidst a sea of despair and anguish. Images of clear skies and waterways, dwindling road traffic and wildlife unfettered by human activity have been therapeutic, to say the least. We […]
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