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Ayesha Renyard
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Many studies have shown how climate change is wreaking havoc on our oceans (and world). Warming sea temperatures, more powerful storms, rising sea levels are all quickly becoming a reality.  This year, ocean currents have been the focus of numerous studies. And, unfortunately, research is showing that key ocean current systems like the Gulf Stream […]
In 2016, the US offshore oil and natural gas industries—which are heavily concentrated in the Gulf of Mexico— contributed 315,000 jobs and $30 billion to the US economy. These industries are lucrative, but they see their fair share of challenges.  Even during the best of times, the extraction of oil and gas demands strict attention […]
For years (and we mean many years), the ocean helped us mitigate the early effects of human emissions by absorbing greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide and heat, from the atmosphere. As a result, more than 90 percent of the warming that happened on Earth between 1971 and 2010 occurred in the ocean. A selfless act […]
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