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Ashumi Jhaveri
After graduating as an architect, Ashumi started questioning the conventional architecture which led her to shift practice towards more traditional ways of construction with mud and lime. She starting adapting to a sustainable lifestyle where choosing a vegan diet, saying no to fast fashion and unnecessary plastic packaging made a lot of sense.
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It’s interesting to see how our everyday choices have tremendous impacts on the environment, whether we realize it or not. Right from our food habits, to the way we consume, the products we use, the way we build our houses and the clothes we wear. Collectively, every single habit is adding to the already existing […]
With the current environmental imbalances and heavy exploitation of resources, it is likely for an individual to worry about what our future may look like on this planet. It is also likely for anxiety to creep in. But I would say ‘Do not Panic’, in contradiction to what Greta Thunberg says ‘I want you to […]
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