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Arpita Banerjee
I am Arpita Banerjee an Indian sustainability blogger, creator of sustainablyconsciouslife, on my blog I talk about living a simple, conscious and low waste life & advocate for environmental justice. I make digestible content around sustainable fashion, travel and lifestyle and advice people how to train your mind to start on this journey.
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Whenever the topic of sustainable swaps comes up, ditching your usual toothpaste is always one of them isn’t it? So, what makes it harmful, what is it composed of – let’s dive in and see what all ingredients are present in your usual toothpaste and why? 1. Triclosan- This is not only found in toothpastes […]
The kitchen is one of the material dense places of our home and a lot of waste tends to generate in the kitchen so, I want to introduce you to simple shifts you can make to feel less overwhelmed but utterly satisfied. Sustainably Conscious is a place where you will get low waste, energy saving, […]
Fashion resonates differently to every individual which revolves around different styles and element involved in creating an outfit. But there are certain pieces that everybody should have so that it can work as a canvas to further develop various style vibes according to different occasions. Therefore, to create a sustainable closet we should keep certain […]
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