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Amrita Neelakantan
Amrita has so far done two pop-ups with Black Orchid in Brooklyn and in Bengaluru, she is a resource at the sustainable shopping pop-up Shuffling Suitcases, teaches sustainability studies at NIFT Delhi and continues to do environmental research after her doctorate as the coordinator of the Network for Conserving Central India.
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For this 50th Earth Day, I want you all to take back the gift of time in your life – an opportunity that is unmissable as we sit at home because of a dangerous pandemic.  So how does this help anything? Well, the warming earth is here and will hit those more vulnerable than us […]
We all know what an overstuffed wardrobe with nothing good enough to wear feels like. Black Orchid is the modern conscious way to make that feeling and other associated blues disappear.  I started Black Orchid because I was tired of bad quality clothes that did not last and the lack of options outside of what […]
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