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Aarav Seth
I am Aarav Seth, a 12-year-old student a Climate Activist, and a Blogger. I also use my Youtube Channel #Un-Earth to express my views on hot topics like female infanticide, Save Amazon, New Education Policy, etc. I am passionate to increase Green Space by planting trees every weekend & have planted more than 3000 trees. I also started a campaign known as #RingTheBell wherein I went door to door to urge my neighbors to celebrate a pollution-free Diwali. I am a Child Ambassador of SDG Choupal and Ambassador of SDGs for Children.
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Pollution is a process of making the environment dirty, unhealthy, and unsuitable for humans and animals. It contains hazardous contaminated elements, which can affect our health badly. Cutting trees is causing land pollution and trees are the only natural source that can absorb pollutants. The Industrial discharged waste dumped into the rivers, which pollutes the river and […]
Nearly everything about contemporary human life needs to change if we are to seriously address the multiple environmental crises that are facing the planet, but today I will focus on just one topic: River Yamuna Yamuna River is the second-largest and longest tributary of the river Ganges. It has a stretch of 1376 km which […]
Today, I am going to narrate you all, about a beautiful planet. That planet carries trillions of trees, beautiful creatures, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, Oceans everywhere. There, mountains are touching the clouds and birds chirping at the first ray of sun every day. It is the one and only our blue planet, Earth. But now, time […]
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