Safeguarding identity, one stitch at a time
Published on 07/06/2023
Climate Creator
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With approximately 70 million indigenous peoples relying on forests to sustain their livelihoods, their vital connection to nature is undeniable. Astonishingly, despite constituting a mere 5 percent of the global population, these extraordinary guardians oversee the protection of an astounding 22 percent of the Earth’s surface and an incredible 80 percent of its biodiversity—an invaluable contribution to our planet’s welfare, as highlighted by the International Labour Organization.

In this episode of ‘People of Our Forests’, Lipsa Hembram exemplifies the intersection between cultural heritage and environmental preservation. She explains why it is imperative to cherish and safeguard the rich traditions and wisdom of native communities, the need to honour a remarkable legacy and how embracing a sustainable future can harmoniously coexist with nature.

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