Turning textile waste into high-end fashion clothes
Published on 24/05/2023
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According to a UNEP report, the average person is buying 60 percent more clothing than 15 years ago, while each item is kept for only half as long.The clothing sector produces between 2 to 8 per cent of global carbon emissions, while textile dyeing is a major polluter of water. Fast fashion is responsible for a huge amount of textile waste, while depleting natural resources.  

In this episode of The Wardrobe Switch, Kriti Tula, Founder of Doodlage, a sustainable clothing brand talks about how she collects fabric waste from factories which are discarded for minor defects and pieces them together to create high-end clothing. “Sustainable fashion is still serving a very niche market. And at scale their cost will come down. But till then some of us can still afford to invest in two quality pieces instead of 10. And for others there are a lot of sustainable alternatives like thrifting, repairing and re-wearing, restyling, swapping with friends”, says Tula.

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