Sorting Scrap for the Capital
Published on 22/05/2023
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“They are as big as mountains”, exclaims Mukul Chhabra, the founder and CEO of ScrapUncle, while talking about the ever-increasing landfills of the National Capital Region.

Everyday, the bustling city produces a staggering 11,332 tonnes of solid waste, a concerning statistic revealed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Regrettably, 4,360 tonnes of this refuse finds its way to the city’s three overflowing landfills. This widespread practice of open dumping poses significant threats to the environment, causing air and water pollution that directly impacts the well-being of Delhi’s inhabitants.

Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of ScrapUncle, a start-up spearheaded by Delhi-based Mukul Chhabra, that aims to revolutionise scrap management in Delhi. Witness firsthand how ScrapUncle mobilises a team to diligently collect junk from households, while ensuring its proper subsequent delivery to recycling facilities. Through an inspiring business model centred around waste management, Mukul and his team are successfully transforming ScrapUncle into a force for change.

Join us on the latest episode of The Sustainability Show as we delve into the world of ScrapUncle, embarking on a captivating exploration of their unwavering mission to transform Delhi into a cleaner, greener city.

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