There’s a strong link between women and climate action
Published on 13/04/2023
Climate Creator
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In this episode of For Her Future, Inches, an environmental activist and writer, Susan Inches, sheds light on the unequal impact of climate change on women and the necessity of women’s involvement in climate action. “Women are the driving force behind Maine’s environmental movement,” says Inches. The four main environmental organizations in Maine are led by women CEOs.

She emphasises the significance of storytelling in advocacy work, sharing successful examples of women-led environmental movements in Louisiana and Maine. Inches underscores the importance of education and discussion in empowering women to advocate for environmental policies and confront the challenges of climate change. Her book, ‘Advocating for the Environment’, offers a comprehensive guide to climate advocacy and is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to make a difference in the battle against climate change. Witness her story on ‘For Her Future’, a series committed to showcasing the effects of climate change on women.

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