Powered by the sun, this village in Rajasthan has a success story to tell
Published on 03/04/2023
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In case you ever wondered about the potential of solar power both in economic and social terms, we bring to you the story of Bajju, a remote village in Bikaner. This episode explores how the installation of a 5 Kw micro-grid changed the lives of the artisans and the pastoralists of this village which had been deprived of electricity till a few years back. This has been possible due to the efforts of these two non-profits of Rajasthan: ‘Urmul Seemant Samiti’ and the ‘Desert Resource Centre’. This initiative, in collaboration with Samakhya Sustainable Alternatives also helped these artisans and pastoralists expand their businesses and double their incomes.
“The women artisans in the village started getting more work at a faster pace and overall quality of the work increased”, says Prerna Agarwal, the founder of Samakhya.

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