Tribal women of Rajasthan find new ways of livelihood
Published on 14/02/2023
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The tribals in Rajasthan’s Pali district, have always struggled in earning livelihood.They used to collect fruits like Custard Apples, Jamun from forests and walk for 20kms to sell them in the villages. But due to their short shelf life, they were forced to sell them at a low price or worse throw them away.

Rajesh Kumar Oza, an entrepreneur from Udaipur, realised the challenges faced by the community and started Jovaki Agro-food in 2017 and have made them a part of the food processing unit. This helps in creating a market economy for the perishable fruits and also increases their bargaining power. “We want to give livelihood to 1 lakh women and turn these women into a brand and sell their products online”, says Oza

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