Kolis of Mumbai and the struggle for survival
Published on 19/12/2022
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Koli fishing communities have been living and working along the coastal waters of Mumbai in Maharashtra in India, for over 500 years. Today, climate change has dealt a severe blow to their livelihood. For them, no fish means no food on the plate.

“There’s only dirty sewage water and garbage, there’s no fish. This year we couldn’t catch any fish. If God helps us only then we can eat something,” says Indu Koli, a fisherwoman from the area.

These people are not able to fulfil the needs of their children. “Now the business is down, we are unable to earn, so how are we supposed to pay their fees? We are unable to pay so much money, where will we get it?” says another woman Anita Kailash Patil.

For this community it is a fight for survival.

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