Climate finance integral to fight climate crisis
Published on 14/12/2022
Climate Creator
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Bianca Centeno is working with the Socio-Environmental Fund of Peru, which provides funding to indigenous communities and assists them in implementing their solutions.
Indigenous communities are the front-line witnesses to climate change; they have received very little attention from the government and they have been fighting largely alone.

Bianca’s primary focus is on putting a circular economy into practice and making indigenous voices heard.

“It’s kind of unjust if you think about it because climate change shows how different is the reality for people. If we can do something about it is to ask them. Ask indigenous communities. Ask the organisations what they want. What I hear when I talk to them is they want direct finance for them and for them to manage these finances themselves. They don’t want another big organisation, they want to execute the project because they have their solutions,” says Bianca.

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