The Climate Clock is ticking  
Published on 09/12/2022
Climate Creator
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At COP27, the climate clock was unmissable. Climate Clock? What’s that?

The Climate Clock’s Loss and Damage Lifeline calculate the debt wealthy, high-emission G20 countries owe for the catastrophic harm their excessive carbon emissions have caused to other developing nations. It also emphasises that there are only about six years left for humanity to keep global warming to 1.5°C.

“The deadline shows the current emission of how much time we have until the climate warms up 1.5 degrees, we can add more time, we change what this deadline is showing us,” says Raul de Lima in conversation with Let Me Breathe. 

Climate Clock is the brainchild of climate activists Gan Golan and Andrew Boyd, art-fixer Katie Peyton Hofstadter, tech maestro Adrian Carpenter, and a bunch of others including leading scientists, the New York City Mayor’s office, and a host of creatives. 

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