Curtail new fossil fuel deals
Published on 08/12/2022
Climate Creator
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Joshua Gabriel Oluwaseyi, a climate activist from Nigeria, educates people about the adverse impacts of fossil fuels and how they increase air pollution. To fight climate change, his only ask is to end the licensing of new oil contracts. 

“We just have been saying stop licensing new oil deals, stop the over-reliance on oil and begin to actually look for alternatives,” he says. Burning fossil fuels increases carbon-dioxide emission which is a major contributor to the climate change crisis today.  

Nigeria is Africa’s biggest oil producer, with fossil fuels accounting for 60% of government revenue and 90% of foreign exchange earnings. According to him, if world governments collectively start phasing out fossil fuels by refusing new fossil fuel products or projects and begin implementing funding for massively renewable energy alternatives then it would have a large impact on overall carbon emissions.

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