Tanzania’s young voice is on a mitigation mission
Published on 22/11/2022
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“The dream of our country and our people cannot be realised if we are divided and in the presence of the dreadful monster climate change,” says Sharon Ringo, a young climate activist.

The 12-year-old is the Trade & Tourism Ambassador of East African community, Ambassador for African Tourism Board as well as Ambassador for Tanzania. “I have a foundation — Sharon Ringo Foundation. My foundation focuses on three main themes: climate action, environmental justice and sustainable tourism. In my foundation I have a 2 million tree planting project, and I have already planted over 38,500 trees,” she adds during a conversation with Let Me Breathe at COP27, Egypt.

Sharon believes that it is important to raise our voices to different leaders and governments because it’s important for the future generations in order to live a good life. “We can raise our voices all together and tell the parents and guardians to stop poaching, to stop the greediness of burning fossil fuels like oil, gas. Climate change is real, and we must act now. There’s no tomorrow to do that,” the young activist concludes.

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