Switching lifestyle for a better future
Published on 14/11/2022
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India’s theme at COP27 this year is LiFE – Lifestyle for Environment, an initiative that’s encouraging individual action against mindless consumption.

Mission LiFE is a global plan of action launched, aimed at saving the planet. Replacing the ‘use-and-dispose’ economy with a circular economy, four youth champions from India are rewriting sustainability at COP27.

“What change can one person make? We believe that when there are a lot of people like us coming together, then the collective impact can be very big,” says Prachi Shevgaonkar.

Elizabeth Eapen has set her heart on creating a plastic-free earth. “Come along with me. Be a part of this great movement that is taking shape, and let’s protect out planet Earth for our future. The time to act is #NowNotTomorrow,” she concludes.

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