Cookies with a sun tan
Published on 14/11/2022
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A lifestyle change that had started in 1989 for Dr Meenal Kabra, followed her till 2019 when she finally launched Kivu, a vegan cookie brand that relies on solar energy.

“My family has been using solar cooker since 1989. I thought if I channelise it in a proper way it could be very good for the planet,’ says Dr Kabra. Her cookies are baked using solar energy and are sugar-free and preservative-free. 

As a dentistry student from Maharashtra, Dr Kabra had come across many children, especially from rural areas, with dental problems. Another thought that troubled the 34-year-old was the mothers accompanying these children who would share their issues of unemployment and limited finances with her. Dr Kabra wanted to find a solution to both of these problems. 

Then came Kivu’s a brand that’s lip-smacking for environmentally-aware munchers. Doctor and entrepreneur Meenal Kabra sunbakes vegan cookies with the help of solar ovens, in a bid to employ rural women.

Solar ovens
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