EVs in Delhi: Looking backward, moving forward
Published on 08/09/2022
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In this roundtable under the #DrivingGreen campaign, electric vehicle representatives from different verticals of the ecosystem got together to discuss its successful adoption in Delhi. The panel highlighted the growing adoption of electric vehicles in the Capital, some of the challenges around it, and how consumers are moving towards EVs as their first choice of vehicle. A Delhi government representative, an electric car rider, an auto vlogger, a manufacturer, and a clean transportation expert talked about the hits and misses around EVs in Delhi. 

Ashish Kundra, Principal Secretary-cum-Commissioner (Transport), Delhi, spoke at length on how Delhi has led the way in putting up infrastructure around electric vehicles, and the many ways in which Delhi’s electric policy allowed consumers to adopt EVs more. “The current focus is on two-wheelers and then buses,” he said as he spoke about how the State has worked in expanding the EV ecosystem. 

According to Sherebanu Frosh, an EV user, and member of National Collective, Warrior Mom, consumers need to be made aware of how EVs help in reducing air pollution even when the complete switch to renewables is yet to be made. “Also, it’s a comfortable ride. There’s no noise when you are driving an electric car,” she pointed out.

The manufacturing facilities have gained in a big way with Delhi’s EV policy. “The subsidy plans have really helped both manufacturers and consumers. It sets a good example for other states to follow,” said Priya Bhalla, CEO, of Supreme Smart Power.

As per Rajni Chowdhury, an auto influencer and Vlogger, the cost factor has helped in increasing the adoption of EVs among consumers. “The future is electric. Delhi has seen such a rampant increase in EVs because of the user-friendly EV policy which has helped consumers,” added Amit Bhatt, Managing Director, The International Council on Clean Transportation.

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