Waste as an art resource
Published on 30/06/2022
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Ever wondered those empty potato chips packets or PET bottles which you throw away can be used to make beautiful murals? The artist duo are transforming waste from seashores into beautiful murals. Sampda Mago and Giovanni Allegrini, backpackers from India and Italy, respectively, believe that each piece of trash has a story to tell. They collect waste and upcycle it as elements in their art.

“While travelling during the second lockdown in India, we ended up in Varkala, Kerala. While we were there we noticed that the beach was full of trash everywhere. We started picking up trash and we decided to give a new life to every piece of trash we could re-use in a certain way,” said Allegrini.

The duo believe that waste  has potential and can be repurposed and made into beautiful pieces of art. “When waste looks like it could be used somewhere else or it could work even better somewhere else, it becomes a resource. Having that mentality, ideas just come to us and we go with the flow, we put it on the walls as we see and stories come out of it, inspiration comes out of it,” says Mago.

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