Going the solar way
Published on 24/06/2022
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On a blue rooftop of an apartment in Chennai, a five kilowatt solar panel is harnessed.

The brain behind the sustainable step was none other than Singer Chinmayi Sripada.

Unable to convince her own house owners to install the panels, Chinmayi took a chance with her in-laws to go off-grid.

“It’s been easily four and a half, five years and I think whatever we have spent on the panels we have got back… ​​A couple of months ago my in-laws said that the bill is zero,” said Chinmayi in an interview with Let Me Breathe.

Chinmayi also believes that “it’s a criminal waste to not be able to harness solar power in a country like India”.

Talking about her experiences about adopting solar power, the singer and entrepreneur also shared a few of her eco-friendly habits, while informing about the options one has in order to install solar panels.

“You can look at what the state-central subsidies are. Look at the options. After that, I think, speaking to the electrical department… Some people also are now having startups where you invest in solar panels somewhere. There are a lot of options now, so perhaps people can just look at that and it takes a little bit of effort,” she added.

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