Experts discuss how green steel will help to meet decarbonisation goals
Published on 16/06/2022
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In the first of a series of events held in the run up to the World Environment Day, a panel discussion was held around ‘Green Steel: Pathway to Sustainable Steel Production’. The need for greening of steel and the challenges in producing green steel was discussed by Dr Deepak Yadav, Programme Associate, Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW, Adam Rauwerdink, senior VP, business development, Boston Metal, Massachusetts, Prarthana Borah, Director, CDP-India, a global not-for-profit headquartered in UK and Sudhir Pathak, head, Central Design & Engineering and Quality Assurance, Hero Future.

Kick-starting the conversation, Dr Yadav explained what green steel meant and how greening steel helps in reducing carbon emissions. The webinar organised by LetMeBreathe in partnership with UNEP India focussed on the various aspects of green steel and greening steel. “When we are talking about green steel we are mostly talking about using hydrogen to produce it. But we have various other ways to produce green steel,” said Dr Yadav.

Rauwerdink from Boston Meal stressed how India is a critical market for steel and there was a need for adapting to green capacity in a fast-pace. “At Boston, we had an electricity-driven process. We are using electricity directly on iron-ore. It’s a one-step process of electrolysis to develop steel,” he added.  Talking about how the company is expanding in the US market he also highlighted how cost is a major factor while transitioning to clean tech.

Meanwhile Borah discussed how policies around developing green steel needs to be developed and how more conversations around it needs to emerge for a conducive market. “Companies are taking proactive steps in transitioning to green tech. So there is no way we can step back as far as policies around it are concerned. There is going to be a global push, sectors are going to demand cleaner steel and so policy will play a major role,” she explained.

The panel ended on an optimistic note with Pathak saying, “Greening the steel or green steel has to be done as there is no way to return from this path to meet our decarbonisation goals. Am quite bullish about it and I feel by 2040 we should be there.”

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