Forest restoration: Why it is pivotal?

Forest restoration is the action to re-instate ecological processes, which accelerate recovery of forest structure, ecological functioning and biodiversity levels towards those typical of climate forest.

Image by bertvthul

Climax forests are relatively stable ecosystems that have developed the maximum biomass, structural complexity and species diversity that are possible within the limits imposed by climate and soil and without continued disturbance from humans.

Climate change will likely alter the frequency and intensity of forest disturbances, including wildfires, storms, insect outbreaks, and the occurrence of invasive species, virus outbreaks and it leads to pandemic viral disease across the globe.

Climate change will likely worsen the problems already faced by forests from land development and air pollution.

If we take the current covid situation which is happening in our country like oxygen shortages, we are not prepared for it earlier. Nature just exposing it which we never know will happen and affect everyone’s life at this extend. It also teaching us a good lesson to make aware of our future generations..we can also educate our kids to plant trees n make it as mandatory work.

Likely we must find some alternative solutions to recover and reduce air pollutions. We find cycling is the best solution! It helps out to keep our physique fit and the earth less polluted. If we make the earth more polluted, soon the masks will be mandatory for everyone to prevent the effects of air pollution and airborne diseases.

When it becomes the habit of planting trees n maintaining it till it grows, reducing the usage of plastics, minimizing the usage of polluting vehicles we can save gradually!  People must start using cycles for work, schools, nearby places instead of cars or bikes to help to reduce air pollution.

I commute through my bike mostly for all my nearby works! I had covered around 8k kilometers in a year on my cycle, so proudly I can say that I had saved an amount of around 40k in a year for the petrol expenses.

Initially, we did cycling for passion but when we started riding through forests early morning, we started feeling more relaxed than riding on normal roads, so we have realized that nothing is more important than saving trees and plants n protecting nature.

Our team is also involved in various social activities and awareness and we are focussing on planting as many trees as possible. Planting trees is easy But it’s hard to maintain till it grows well. The present and future is in our hands. Start with being friendly to nature one step at a time.

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