This Mexican conservation photographer is documenting local wildlife and saving them too
Published on 23/06/2021
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Climate change in Mexico is expected to have widespread impacts on the city putting pressure on the economy, people, and the biodiversity of many parts of the country, which have largely arid or hot climates.

But, this conservation photographer who turned her passion for photography into her career, is trying to teach people about the importance of urban biodiversity conservation and Mexico’s birdlife through photography. But, how did she start a restoration movement that involved the local community?

“First, I am working with the local people of a community here in Mexico city, which is called Xochimilco. It’s an original town. Xochimilco has existed in Mexico City since way before the Spanish conquerors came to this country. So most of the people that live in Xochimilco are descendants of those original people.

I am helping them with my photography by telling their story about how they are fighting to protect. Xochimilco. Since it’s one of our last wetlands here in Mexico City and sadly authorities and different kinds of industries are after it to urbanise it, to build malls, buildings, industries. So, we are trying to protect it,” says Tamara. Watch to find out!

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