The new era of conscious consumerism and how you can be a part of it

In this world of technological advancements, we see everything going at a faster pace. There’s always a race for new and better products. Many of us want to escape it, and we don’t know how.

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CONSCIOUS CONSUMERISM is how you can make an impact, at least a small one, which will be a sign of peace.

In our life, we buy clothing or products from many brands. We never think if these products were cruelty-free – environmentally safe – Organic, but we still buy them. But now, the tables have turnt themselves.

As a consumer, you have the right to choose. Most of us financially support companies which might not necessarily support socially, ethically or philosophically. In short, be conscious of your buying choices so that they, in turn, help the environment and don’t harm it.

A conscious customer is the one who looks deep into the value of the product rather than the label. Try finding eco-friendly alternatives for your daily consumption. Yes, small changes in your routine won’t make a huge change, but similar changes by a million people will do.

We all are influencers in our world. So be an ethical one.

Why you should be a conscious consumer

Gives the trustworthy companies an assuring push. We are rounded by the greedy conglomerates and factories, just hungry for money. But, there are a handful of small companies who are working on a set of fair and ethical rules.

Supporting them by buying their products and spreading the word in your society will give them the push they need. Buy authentic and local.

Stand against illegal practices like child labor. Many brands hide the ugly truth, and that brings the low cost of the products. So, buy after you know the brand and boycott the companies that leave poison.

Sustainable brands will keep your health intact. They might have taken an oath to provide the best quality and safe products to their customers. Your well-being is important to them.

Here are some ways to be a conscious consumer:

1.Analyze the brands you buy

You don’t have to dig deep on every brand available, but make sure you try to find the words “sustainable”, “cruelty-free”, “pesticide-free”, “fair wages”. A small niche successfully made the shift to a sustainable lifestyle of people in every country. It is just the beginning of the future.

2. Reduce your footprint

A few ways you can reduce it are:
• Move closer to your workplace and try avoiding vehicles whenever you can. You can always have a walk.
• Try traveling to places which are closer to your city. The carbon-dioxide levels skyrocket because of the flight and travel industry.

3. Create margins

We’ve been taught to have a busy schedule and buy whatever we want and whenever we want to. Everything has become a rush. So, take the time to breathe and look around you. Have a healthy margin between your ‘work-life’ and ‘income-expenses’.

Initiatives like these in your daily life will allow you to have a peaceful state of mind, wherein you can mindfully pick out the brands you want to buy.

4. Buy from your local vendors

Visit the farmer’s market to find fresh produce, visit the local boutiques for your clothes. Buy from your locality. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with the owners of the businesses, and they can accurately tell you how the product is “ethical” or “sustainable”.

5. Shop from thrift stores or organize an event where you can exchange clothes or any product with people in your friend circle. Mend your clothes whenever necessary and buy thrift clothes if you can.

Buy less. A sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean you can buy a lot of “greener” clothes. You still can’t bulk upon the number of products you buy. Buy less but invest in quality. They’ll last longer than you expect.

(The views expressed in the article are the author’s own. Let Me Breathe neither endorses nor is responsible for them.)

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