What does it take to run a vegan cafe in India

India has long been touted as the vegetarian capital of the world. And now it is slowly taking to the ethical and economic benefits of plant based, meat-and-dairy-free food.

So, what’s brought the sudden shift to veganism? The pandemic has definitely made us conscious about what we put on our plate Data from Google AdWords showed that vegan-related searches shot up by 47% in 2020. India’s mock meat industry is set to reach $1 billion in the coming five years. That is surely a hotbed for vegan cafes in India

With more and more adopting a vegan diet, there has been a boom of vegan cafes and restaurants in the market. But, what does it takes to run a vegan eatery? What are the challenges? And how are they coping up with the covid pandemic? The owner of a popular vegan cafe in Kolkata tells us.

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