How COVID waste is affecting the planet

With the second wave of COVID-19 creating havoc in India, India has an unlikely menace at hand – rising of Bio-medical wastes. Did you know nearly 146 tonnes of bio-medical waste (Source: The Hindu) is generated per day in the country?

Although, India did come up with guidelines for handling and disposal of COVID-19 that includes separate colour-coded bins, double-layered bags, labelling bags/containers having COVID waste. But the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, has made it difficult to control the waste surge And who is being most affected by it the most? Sanitation workers.

What we can do to reduce the plastic wastage from other areas, like from the restaurants to compensate and at least to some extent to the waste material being generated because of this pandemic. Right now, we cannot reduce the number of PPE kits and masks because they are life-saving. But, we can simultaneously try to avoid using plastic in other places.” says Jai Dhar Gupta.

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