Care for some green gifting ideas for an inclusive, sustainable future

By: Khyati Shah

It takes a lot of effort to find the perfect gift. A gift should be meaningful, expressing the emotions one wants to convey. It should also be useful to the person receiving the gift.

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More stuff inevitably means more plastic and waste, plus more emissions from manufacturing. So, here are some ways and options which are timeless, ageless and most importantly it’s eco friendly for gifting.

  • Plants

Plants are important to the environment, they are good for one’s health, and they are beautiful décor items too.

There are plenty of options available the great options are indoor plants provide oxygen, clean air and spread positivity.

  •  Eco-friendly products 

Everything you could possibly need for going down the path to zero-waste is right here.

Utensils and straws you can use instead of plastic. A reusable non-plastic water bottle. A produced storage bag for your produce at the store. Bamboo toothbrushes. Beeswax food wraps for your perishables. 

Where the world are full of trash you can help a person going trash free plastic free in the life by providing alternatives which are reducing their waste.

For example – eco friendly lifestyle kit, plastic free alternatives- which you can check out at various online stores for example, Forever Eco Store.

  • E-gift card

When you are unsure about the thing that is going to be useful to the person or not, Your  

E- gift card is a best way because it will give freedom to a person to buy which things they are in need, so the gift will not be remain unused.

  • Organic Skincare products 

Go for cruelty free and natural organic, parabens  free skin care products and gifting  them will make them feel very good.

It can be 

  • Soaps,
  • Body Scrubs
  • Body Butter

You can check out at various online stores for example, Forever Eco Store.

  • Experience/membership

Give them Gift which give receiver an experience in terms of memories or learning like – holiday tickets  or membership of gym or subscribe some dance classes / Art classes for them or whatever they like ,you can give them those membership or subscription too.⠀

  • Donate on someone’s behalf

This is the best way to show kindness towards a person you want to give and also so kindness towards society on his/her behalf.

  • Give time

The best gift you can give to your loved ones is your precious time with them spend your time with them and make them realise that you love them a lot. This is the world’s best gift which doesn’t cost you money.

Hope these ideas help you to gift sustainably and it will complete the joy of gifting. So next time – when think of gifting someone – Go with these options! 

Khyati Shah

Khyati Shah

Ecopreneur, Slow Fashion Advocate. Low waster, helping people going Zero Waste on daily basis. @forever__Eco

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