UNESCO MGIEP – Talking Across Generations on Reimagining Education (TAGe) 2021

By: LMB Staff

The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) is organizing the Talking Across Generations on Reimagining Education on Monday 10 May 2021.

The Talking Across Generations on Education (TAGe) is UNESCO MGIEP’s youth-driven intergenerational dialogue on education that provides a non-hierarchical platform to the youth to interact, discuss and debate critical issues that concern the future, with policymakers. The TAGe involves a series of month-long, structured and moderated online discussions followed by live plenary dialogues.

Register for live virtual dialogue on May 10, Monday

Link – https://tage-reimagining-education.paperform.co/

Meet the speakers:

Dipu Moni ( Hon’ble Minister of Education,Bangladesh )

Kajsa Overgaard ( Deputy Director of the Right Livelihood Foundation )

Elisa Guerra ( Member of Unesco’s International Commission for the futures of Education ) 

Kosts Giannidis ( President of the Erasmus Student Network )

Schedule of the Dialogues 

Dialogue ONE 10:30 am Indian Standard Time

Speaker: Dipu Moni, Hon’ble Minister of Education, Bangladesh

Moderator: Rosie Chawla, UNESCO Center for Peace

3 Youth speakers

Dialogue TWO3:30 pm Indian Standard Time 

Speaker: Kajsa Overgaard, Deputy Director of the Right Livelihood Foundation

Moderator: Emmanuel Ivorgba, Founder and President of The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation and West Africa Regional Coordinator for United Religions Initiative (URI)

3 Youth speakers

Dialogue THREE6:30 pm Indian Standard Time 


  1. Elisa Guerra, Member of UNESCO’s International Commission for the Futures of Education
  2. Kostis Giannidis, President of the Erasmus Student Network

Moderator: Yasmine Morais, Programmes Manager at Global Changemakers and a Co-Founder of RefEd

3 Youth speakers

Why TAGe?

The world is home to more than 1.8 billion young people. More often than not, these young people are pushed to the periphery of the policymaking process in the areas of education, peace, sustainability and global citizenship; they are not viewed as key stakeholders. MGIEP believes that any strategy aimed at the youth cannot be successful without their voice being heard by policymakers. Effective youth engagement should include incorporating perspectives from young people into each component of policymaking, education opportunities, program planning and other vital national/international decision-making avenues. This lies at the core of the Talking Across Generations on Education project.

What is TAGe?

TAGe is a youth-driven intergenerational dialogue on education. Freire (1970) stated that human nature is dialogic and that communication has a leading role in our life, especially in transforming oppressive, hegemonic structures. TAGe is Freirean in that it is premised on the centrality of the transformative nature of dialogue. Premised on this centrality of dialogue for societal transformation with a temporal twist – ‘across generations’, this unique platform brings together selected and highly-qualified youth representatives in a face-to-face flat dialogue on education with senior decision-makers on issues of common concern.

For registration click this link – https://tage-reimagining-education.paperform.co/

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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