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By: Srushti Kardekar

It’s truly said that the environment and the economy are really two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain Environment, we cannot sustain ourselves. The environment is literally the only thing that we all have in common and unfortunately the same thing we all take granted for.

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The problem with today’s world is not that we don’t know the problems or we don’t understand the solutions to these problems, the problem is that we just complain, talk and keep discussing.

Everybody talks about Environmental Issues, Climate Change and everybody knows that it is happening for real. It has already started impacting our lives… We all know the problems and very well understand the repercussions of our every action but what matters is what we do after…

Are we willing to change?

Are we willing to adapt to even the smallest of the solutions and practice them daily so somewhere we can be a part of the solution and not pollution. We as human beings have just crossed the limits of being selfish when it comes to the environment and its preservation.

From unprecedented, unseasonal heavy rainfalls, wildfires in so many parts of the world, extinction of wildlife and aquatic lives, a huge amount of heat, and as a result constant melting of ice and now the outbreak of coronavirus- the pandemic, in 2020 we literally experienced it all.

All these listings may sound so big to look like a human’s fault but believe it or not all of this is a by-product of our actions, our choices which we make unconsciously or can we say CONSCIOUSLY?

In September 2020, The Metronome’s Digital Clock in Manhattan displayed a very important number, the number which suggests that the Earth has a deadline and it is literally counting on us!!!

Now we are not left with a choice to move towards sustainability or just behave as if everything is good because it is not and so making conscious, environment friendly choices is the only way we can Save some for the generations to come.

Sustainable living is the need of the hour.

And as small eco-conscious startups and as customers, we have the power to change the world if we stand up together and choose what we sell and what we buy!

“Sustainable Living” may sound a fashionable term to many but believe that it is the least we can do and it is surely not a rocket science. It no where means you have to buy all the heavily priced eco-friendly and organic products you see in the market.

You can actually start with your sustainable lifestyle journey with as simple as not buying single-use plastic products, re-cycling and re-using things, clothes as many times possible, reducing the amount of wastage of water, electricity, and all other natural resources that are getting depleted, not buying if you actually don’t need, growing your own food (if possible), and switching to bamboo products as simple as a toothbrush, comb because even if you don’t believe the first toothbrush you used as a kid is still lying somewhere on the planet.

So summarising this when we say “lifestyle”, we just need to be aware of where we can contribute by just making a little shift in our daily choices and it starts with basics as the example mentioned, a toothbrush, avoid using single-use plastic products they are extremely harmful to the environment as they end up in landfills and oceans polluting it and even harming lives!

At SEEDit we considered this issue and thought of starting and helping people to adapt this eco-change while celebrating festivals like Rakhi, Ganesh Chathurthi and so on by providing them alternatives to these Plastic Rakhis and POP- Toxic Coloured Ganesh Idols.

Every year 620 million rakhis are dumped and which are never decomposed and this is what brought our 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, and top of it plantable rakhi to Life as it is completely made using seeds and natural jute thread. We wanted to make the designs as unique as possible and keep the prices as minimum as possible as our mission is to encourage people to stop using the plastic made rakhis and eventually also plant after the use of the same and cherish it as a memory forever. And fortunately we are going strong on our Mission since 1.5 years!

We strongly believe a small change is still a change and even the finest of contribution towards environment really matters. Sustainable Living is easy, we just need to practice it consciously by making right choices, the choices which then turn into habits and these habits, leading you towards Sustainability! Together, we can preserve and save our environment.

It is something extremely tiny that we can do to give back for what the Environment gives us!

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Srushti Kardekar

Srushti Kardekar

Founder, SEEDit

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