Are salt pans under threat?

By: Dharmesh Barai

Today we are experiencing many natural disasters globally like earthquake, storms, floods, tsunami etc. It’s all because of imbalances of environment. And what is causing this imbalance?

Image credits: Dharmesh Barai

Human encroachments, deforestation, treating creeks as dump yards, cutting mountains, treating rivers like dustbin, increasing fuel consumption, increasing machines more the human, disturbing animals natural surroundings, destroying marine biodiversity and releasing chemicals, gases into the environment which badly affects it.

Salt pans are one of the many things under threats. Salt pans are important because they act as natural barriers to prevent flooding and along with mangroves, salt pans hold the seawater from entering into coastal cities and also stop floodings.

Alongwith that, inside the mangroves, several species of birds, marine species and different types of insects resides.
Above all, important saltpans and coastal are important to balance the ecosystem.

Salt pans and wetlands are very soft for humans to encroached easily which is very bad for environment, we actually we don’t have right to destroy any natural place. These places are wealth lands not waste lands. We are supposed to save these lands and not destroy them.

I along with my team started Mangroves Cleanup Drive on Aug 15, 2020 and removed over 20 tonnes of garbage from the mangroves creeks and ocean. We want to create awareness amongst citizens about the creeks, saltpans, wetlands and mangroves that they are very important for the city and environment that we need to protect and conserve for our future generations.

Two very important things that I learnt from are people are unaware of the importance of coastal richness value and they are destroying it. Secondly, development at the cost of environment is called ‘destruction’.

It’s high time that the authorities work on stronger policies for environment protection.

Dharmesh Barai

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