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India is on its way to become the world’s sixth-largest apparel market and the fashion industry plays a prominent role in this growth. Fast fashion is becoming popular by the day as most brands are adopting it. The fast fashion industry is more harmful to the environment than you’d think.

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Environment cost of fast fashion

These brands produce heaps of clothing and change their stock every few months as the “trend” dies out. Most of the clothes that are thrown away by companies are dumped in landfills and burned, while only some percent of them is actually recycled into new clothes. Tons of water are used in the manufacturing process and cheap, toxic chemicals are used to make them at the lowest cost possible.

The full production is done in bulk and they hire laborers that are paid below the minimum wage and are made to work long hours to provide big retail stores w clothes. While the companies earn heaps of money, a very small part of it goes to the laborers. Brands like H&M, Zara constantly change their racks to new clothes and lure consumers into buying them.

Why sustainable fashion?

Hence, all garments are short used before consumers go and buy new ones. These garments lay in their cupboards untouched or used 1-2 times only to be thrown away even if they are in the best of condition. Textile waste contributes to such a huge part of the problem that the environment faces. The solution to this is Sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion means ensuring that at every step of production of apparel and accessories, the ecological impact is minimized and more eco-friendly methods are practiced without exploiting resources. It involves conscious buying habits by consumers who invest in long lasting products, and dispose them in a sustainable manner.

Thrifting follows the concept of reuse, reduce, recycle

One such sustainable practice is Thrift shopping. Thrifting involves buying second hand clothes at cheaper prices than their MRP. These clothes are sourced from other people’s closets which reduces the overall waste as one item is passed on, instead of a new one being bought.

Outfits for unique occasions which are not worn more than once can easily be thrifted. Thrifting follows the concept of reuse, reduce, recycle, therefore playing a key role in saving the environment.  It is also pocket-friendly as one can buy branded clothes at cheap prices or earn a small amount by selling unwanted clothes.

At Phase Deux, we wish to promote the idea of Thrifting in India. Especially among the youth as they are constantly looking to redo their wardrobe with numerous occasions always lined up. Everyone wants to wear something new and different for every occasion.

Our store is not just about selling clothes but also about encouraging more people to practice thrifting and shift to more sustainable buying habits. We aim to provide different insights on thrift shopping that can help one start their journey as a thrifter.

You just need to find a Thrift shop that sells second-hand products and matches your aesthetic. Then you’re ready to transform your wardrobe and it’s as easy as shopping online (whilst also saving the environment!)

Phase deux

Phase deux

Phase Deux is a Mumbai-based online Thrift Store, run by three 19 years old girls who love fashion. We find you treasures from other people’s closets!

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