24 Feb 2021
Is it the right time to switch to an electric vehicle?
Well, do you think is it the right time to switch to an electric vehicle? What’s the importance of Electric vehicles in our daily life as well as how conventional vehicle pollution increasing day by day? Rather how we all can solve that problem? Let’s discuss briefly these issues.  We are concerned about the environmental […]

Well, do you think is it the right time to switch to an electric vehicle? What’s the importance of Electric vehicles in our daily life as well as how conventional vehicle pollution increasing day by day? Rather how we all can solve that problem? Let’s discuss briefly these issues. 

Image credits: Paul Brennan

We are concerned about the environmental changes and put little effort to promote electric vehicles and renewable energy sources. There are many benefits to the environment from electric vehicles replacing traditional petrol diesel engines.     

With the growing awareness campaigns of global warming and the environmental damages done by traditional vehicles, many manufactures have focused on the productions of electric-powered vehicles. So, if you are switching to an electric vehicle there are challenges you have to use to where you live and drive.

Inspiring all to understand the advantages of the green electric vehicles, there were major benefits to the environment of having electric cars which does not produce that much pollution supplants of the traditional internal combustion engine so if you are planning of purchasing an electric car today there are slightly challenges.

How traditional vehicle pollution problems can be solved by Electric Vehicles? 

Many people have concerns about the pricing of electric vehicles, the available charging facilities, how much electricity is required to charge the vehicle batteries?  

Electric vehicles are often really expensive, but you have to really think about the price of the battery from which electric vehicle gets the power, the battery itself makes a very significant proportion as compared to the structure and design of the vehicle. Whereas it is expected to fall down the rates of the battery. 

So, if you plan to buy an electric vehicle in the next few years the price of the electric vehicle will fall significantly in the future with upgraded and advanced technology, hopefully, the cost will come down and matches the price comparable to petrol and diesel vehicles.

Electric vehicles take from 3 minutes to 12 hrs for a complete charge of the battery. Depends on the size of the battery, type of charger or charging station you’re using, and the type of car. 

Electric vehicle companies have developing chargers or electric vehicle charging stations that could reduce the charging time of EV’s to just a few minutes.

If you are worried that you don’t have access to a home charging or local charging station, then you can easily access public charging stations. Many governments are working and encouraging electric vehicle charging stations in partnerships with local authorities for public charging stations and to qualifying electric vehicle owners. 

For example, the Government of the United Kingdom has provided 22,000 electric vehicle charging stations but the demand is growing, in future, they have plans to increase the charging stations that means you don’t have to wait for long queues when you get there and no long distances to travel to top up energy.  

But for this entire public electric vehicle charging station need greater financial support to build up an effective network and only with that proper national charging network is being developed. 

When it comes to carbon emissions, electric vehicles don’t pollute the environment with harmful carbon emissions due to no internal combustion engine. But electric vehicles produce other environmental effects at the time of mining for the minerals or lithium for batteries and when manufacturing of the vehicle. Whereas the company uses original equipment manufacturers (OEM) products for its power solutions and components for its EVs this can be improvised to lower the production cost. 

The Electric vehicle industry in the world is emerging on account of various factors such as increasing petrol prices and stringent emission norms. The batteries have the potential for environmental impacts at the time of the end of their lifespan, although we can recycle and dispose of the batteries inappropriate manner. Day by day not only technologies are improving but also battery manufacturers making the batteries more efficient with greater capacity with at most longer lifespan. 

Also, if we talk about electricity used to charge electric vehicles there are fewer possibilities that electricity does not come from a renewable source. We assure you about the future of electric vehicles that with time this issue will be solved by using more renewable energy sources for the production of electricity.   

Why people should switch to an Electric Vehicle?

There are various arguments related to electric vehicles and also against them. So, you have to think about the right time to buy or switch to an electric vehicle that depends on your current situation and needs.

For example, if I drive a petrol or diesel car because I have to travel every day, while my friend has to drive for only 10 minutes so he owns a small electric car which has a less range. 

Leading Electric Vehicle companies are working on the price factor of the upcoming vehicles very efficiently and offering customers various buying options so as to make the transition to EVs affordable, luxurious and comfortable to every common buyer by localizing the EV’s parts. 

With advanced and upgraded technologies batteries cost may fall down and also the range improves. Therefore, this is the right and correct time to switch to an electric vehicle because the charging time is not an issue, anyone can use the option to charge it every night at home.

With this big change in your life, you can create a good environment for your family and surroundings and help reduce air pollution

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