Budget 2021 Ft Youth Climate Activists #BudgetNoise

By: LMB Staff

What do young climate activists want from Budget 2021?

The Union Budget 2021 is around the corner. While various sectors are given at most importance, environment is somewhere left behind.

“Floods, earthquakes, cyclones and now even a pandemic, what will it take for us to realise that we need to pump more money, more time, more man power and more resources into this. Increase the budget for climate change,” demanded Veer Ojas, a youth climate activist from Gurugram.

Another youth climate activist, Selva Karthik from Chennai said government needs to allocate more funds towards research and development of alternatives to fossil fuels.

According to Asees Kandhari, young environmentalist from New Delhi, the budget of 2020 clearly showed that the money allocated for pollution control and Climate Change Action Plan was the same as the previous year, which we’ve seen is clearly not enough. In order to make any large scale changes the amount allocated to these sectors have to increase.

Watch the first episode of #BudgetNoise to know more about the expectations and recommendations of these youth climate activists.

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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