Have a solution to Punjab’s air pollution? Take part in this competition!

By: LMB Staff

Air pollution is one of the most pressing issues in India. According to a latest report, the economic loss due to premature deaths and morbidity from air pollution was ₹ 2,60,000 crore, or 1.4 per cent of the GDP in India in 2019.

While often major metropolitan cities’ air quality is discussed, smaller cities are too affected by it, like Punjab.

Major sources of air pollution in Punjab include industries, the vehicular sector, and agricultural burning. However, the growth of population and various developmental activities in the state are the driving forces behind the deteriorated air quality of the state.

Do you think Punjab is on track when it comes to clean air action? If not, then what do you think can the state do to tackle its severe levels of air pollution?

Let Me Breathe is organizing a competition ‘Clean Air Punjab’ where people can share the most unheard Punjab pollution stories and local solutions for clean air in the form of videos or photo essays.

Here are the three categories of the competition:

1. Decoding the sources: What is the state of air quality in Punjab? What are the different sources of air pollution and what are we doing about it?

2. People’s pollution stories: Stories on how air pollution has affected lives and livelihoods in Punjab.

3. Pind di clean air Innovation: Highlight innovative ideas which are mitigating air pollution and bringing solutions in Punjab.

The top three winners will receive cash prizes!

In addition to that, the top 50 applicants will be provided with an online storytelling and video-making bootcamp run exclusively by an award winning platform- Pluc and one-on-one guidance to create your entry for the second (final) round. Submit your entries here.

(Know all about the competition here)

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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