Why cycling is better than driving?

Air pollution is a global issue. In India, it become severe as winters approach, and especially in Delhi NCR, it usually remains in the ‘hazardous’ category throughout.

Image Credits: Ichbinameya

One of the reasons for this winter pollution stubble burning in the nearby states of Punjab and Haryana. The share of stubble burning in Delhi’s pollution rose to 40 percent on 1 November, the maximum so far this season, according to a central government air quality monitoring agency. But, is it the only source? NO

In fact, the local sources including vehicular pollution, industries are some of the biggest sources of air pollution.

Air pollution from vehicles in urban areas, particularly in big cities, has become an adverse problem. The push for public transport has long been highlighted as a potential solution. However, we are far from implementing it on the ground.

What can be done? 

As individuals, it’s our prime responsibility to take the necessary steps to control air pollution. There is an interesting and simple way to control vehicular pollution just by kicking those pedals. Yes, you are right!

Cycling is a pollution-free mode of transport.

The main reason why cycling diminishes air pollution is that it doesn’t use any fuel whereas an average car produces about 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air over the course of its lifespan.

Cycling, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem and opting to ride instead of drive is a very puissant way to cut back on the pollution you produce over the course of your day. As stats say, switching from a car to a bicycle saves 150 g of CO2 per kilometer. Each 7 km by bicycle will save an emission of 1 kilogram of CO2 as compared to the same distance covered by a car.

Why cycling is always better than driving?

  1. Cycling is a lot of fun!
  2. Save money
  3. Produces less carbon print than cars
  4. It’s healthier
  5. Less pollution in the air and less traffic

So why wait, let’s start commuting a short distance by cycling as a baby step!

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