Stub eco: Curbing the issue of stubble burning

By: Manjot Kaur

Bonjour! It all started in 2019 in the month of July, when my friend Sehaj (also founder of Stub-eco) proposed Stub eco ideation to me. And I remember after listening that my first words were. It’s nice that you have planned to work on a start-up but give me some time to think about it. I didn’t say yes. Frankly speaking at that time, I wasn’t sure that I could do this and maybe it was because I wasn’t having much knowledge about the topic.

So, in the afternoon I just took up my laptop and started researching stubble burning. As I started reading about this, my interest grew more and more about this topic. I get to know; every year masses are troubled by the Air pollution caused by stubble burning and it is one of the major reasons for poor air quality in North India. I spent a day collecting information about it. And I felt the impact of stubble burning is huge.

It is a serious issue, which needs to be paid attention to and to bring out its solution. At the end of day, I was so influenced by the Stub-eco idea that I felt I should join the team. Atleast, I should try to make an effort to bring change for the social as well as agricultural, rather than just saying that the government should do something regarding this. Next morning, I texted Sehaj that I am in, Let’s do it! My Stub-eco journey began.

It wasn’t simple but I think doing the hard stuff and performing numerous roles, which you haven’t done before will awaken your talent that you never realized you have. At First, I was quite nervous because I was not having any experience or knowledge regarding startups. Not even any of my family members were in this kind of work. But as with the time, I learnt many things. I did research work…took interviews of farmers, worked on solution of stubble burning and management of stubble connected with different NGOs.

I enhanced my writing skills effectively and efficiently by starting to write blogs. Also, my team partners were very supportive and cooperative. I’d learn a lot listening and discussing with them. The group’s sharing and discussion of various ideas and information also gave me a quick insight into how to deal with issues and come up with an acceptable solution. I also learned how to face problems in a team job and how to overcome some kind of conflict or issue and come up with something that everybody agrees with. By participating in a group, I increased my involvement in the startup, and I started putting more effort into it, gained more satisfaction and became more focused on the goal of Stub-eco. Change.

Now, it’s more than a year since I joined Stub-eco. It made me more conscious about environmental issues and climate change. I started using more eco-friendly products. I realized every little thing we do in our everyday lives has an impact on the climate, and if we move to eco-friendly goods, we will contribute to saving our climate and work towards sustainability.

We can minimize waste and degradation of natural resources, such as air, water and soil by using more environmentally friendly goods. I’ve found that working on a startup is a journey of self-revelation. It gives you an opportunity to create or innovate and to gain experiences in many functional areas. Now I feel more confident about myself, motivated and also observed self-growth. Nothing makes me more joyful than acing new duties and meeting unexpected difficulties and escaping my characterized safe place. We (Stub-eco) are moving forward to accomplish our goal…

Manjot Kaur

Pursuing Electronics and computer engineering from Punjabi University, Patiala. Currently working as a Research analyst at Stub-eco

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