Movie Screening and Discussion of Chasing Ice (2012)

By: Tanya Arora

Svadhyaya in association with Montage – The Film Society organised the Movie Screening and Discussion of Chasing Ice (2012) on 30th October.

The second day of the Earth Summit 2020 saw keen participation of empowering youth, eager to bring forward their feelings and observations stimulated by the movie. 

Chasing Ice is an exceptional story of a man with an obsession to go the extra mile in digitally recording the melting away of gigantic ice masses in the Arctic. Years of painstaking efforts led the world waking up to the immediate realities of climate crisis. 

Participants in the informal discussion, expressed their individual views about the scenes, dialogues & scientific evidence embedded in the movie.

Through the breathtaking vistas of the Arctic, passionate change-makers connected with each other. As the event unfolded and elaborate details from personal and collective experience were put forth, significant views were uncovered — severity of ice calving, its alarming rise and dynamics, shrinking ice bergs of the size of Manhattan, the sheer human ignorance of all these developments.

All the participants thoroughly appreciated the documentary and drew inspiration. 

It was an event marked with embracing the efforts of passionate environmental researchers and realising the serious challenges they face in documenting the ecological changes on the planet.

Tanya Arora

Tanya Arora

Tanya is a sophomore, studying environmental engineering at Delhi Technological University. She’s currently heading the research team at Svadhyaya Youth Organisation.

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