Sustainable Earth Summit 2020: Leaders Conclave

By: LMB Staff

Svadhyaya organized a Leaders Conclave on the 2nd November 2020 as a part of Sustainable Earth Summit 2020. The agenda of the summit was “Pioneering Youth-Led & Community Centric Strategies To Drive Climate Action.”

It aimed to facilitate young leaders from all over the world with a motive to pioneer strategies and establish mutually supportive networks to help drive community climate action. Through this Summit, they are strongly determined to drive youth against climate change.

Leaders Conclave was an interactive group discussion where delegates were given a chance to present & discuss their project ideas/strategies with which they are driving climate action across the globe. This event provided a platform for all the youth leaders to express their ideas and strategize together with like-minded people from all over the world.

The panelists included Irene Baños Ruiz (Spanish journalist), Alessai Zecchini (Italian freediver), Emily George (Development Coordinator for Plastic Tides), and JD Whitman (installation artist and ocean advocate).

Irene said, “Communication is the most important tool while fighting for climate justice that we often forget. Through events like these, we are creating an awareness that’s hardly created on climate change.

She added, “We mostly talk about problems it is equally important to talk about solutions to tell people what all they can do to fight the climate crisis. Communication means everyone talking. We have to talk about climate change.”

“I travelled a lot since a past few years and I have noticed our ocean and our world is changing a lot. Things underwater have changed a lot. Corals have been affected,” said Alessai Zecchini.

JD Whitman spoke about her project, climate anxiety and environmental education. People feel an overwhelming helplessness to help with environmental issues. They feel nothing can be done. So, educating people is really impoartant here,” she said.

Various other people spoke about different environmental issues and their solutions. (Watch the full session here)

(Svadhyaya is an enthusiastic team on a mission: to bring positive social change in our society. And we very firmly believe that the change begins from self)

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

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