Save Dehradun’s 10000 trees from being cut for an airport expansion

By: Aanchal Sharma

Up to 10,000 trees could be chopped down for the expansion of Uttarakhand’s main airport in Dehradun. The Uttarakhand government has sought the National Wildlife Board’s approval to transfer 243 acres of forest land to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for expanding the Jolly Grant Airport.

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“The proposal for transferring 243 acres of forest land to the AAI for the expansion of the airport, including its runway, has been sent to the National Wildlife Board for its clearance,” Additional Chief Conservator of Forests, DJK Sharma, told media.

Experts have warned of severe damage to the region’s delicate ecology and more frequent natural disasters because of projects that do not consider long-term environmental impact.

The animals living here will lose their habitat. From Leopards, Porcupines, Wild cats, Elephants, Deer, Owls, Eagles, Anteaters, Wild boars, Hares, Snakes, Monkeys all are found here in good population. There is an elephant corridor nearby. Elephants are a common sight in this area. It is advised not to travel at night since elephants deer and many fox family animals moving around. Rare species have also been sighted here like the pangolins and monitor lizards Its a very thick forest with many animals and birds living there. What will happen to them?

The Board will meet on Monday (12th October 2020) to consider the expansion plan.

Now if the Proposal to cut the trees is resumed then it will not only be a damaging prospect but a tragedy too. We may lose so many Sal trees among the Timber trees which are from the British Era. Chopping the forests would also reduce the elephant corridor.

Therefore, I started a petition requesting the authorities to stop this proposal of cutting down 10000 trees.

The only Simple solution is to let the airport be as it is without harming the surrounding ecosystem. There have been absolutely no complaints regarding the occupancy or discomfort of the current area. There is no need to bring about changes that can create more carbon emissions and pollution for us.

Our future generations need the environment to breathe freely without masks more than construction. We can find many alternatives for the enlargement of this Airport. The world is switching to sustainable living preserving nature. Forests preserve means the inhabitants will also have a place to live and survive for generations. Let’s all join hands and preserve our forests.

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Aanchal Sharma

Aanchal Sharma

Dentist, environmentalist, writer. Editor of a local online news portal, author of comic fictions

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