Save our Trees from mobile tower construction

By: suruchi kipgen

The Indus Tower company was given permission by SDMC to park a mobile tower next to Magic Years School dhalao, opposite house number E-5/1. Earlier, a site visit was carried out by the JE SDMC.

The laborers have been digging since the morning of 26th September. They have dug all around the base of a beautiful fifty-year-old Neem tree. This tree is 50+ feet tall and harbors many nesting sites of birds, squirrels, etc.

This magnificent Neem tree provides shade and shelter to the children’s swings, slides, and castle play area in the park. Digging so close to the tree can cause damage to its root-system, weakening its support which can eventually lead to the fall of the tree during a storm, etc.

The official guidelines also say that a mobile tower must be away from school. But this tower is not only close to Magic Years school, it is adjoining a toddler’s play-area. The VVWA President nor the E-block RWA representatives were informed by the SDMC or Indus Tower company. It is true that there are connectivity problems in the Vasant Vihar colony but construction activities must safeguard our nature and our children.

    suruchi kipgen

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