Global Climate Strike: Aiming for water conservation in Indore

News paper headings with Indore cleanest city is common and more common what is getting now is it’s one of the city whose ground water will almost get depleted by 2020.

water conservation in indore
Image Source: @lakesofindore/Facebook

City like Indore which presents an example for cleanliness must not leave their citizens to die of thirst or struggle for drops, the city must look forward to coming up with sustainable development ideas which preserve the water bodies of the cities and a new way of rainwater harvesting to recharge the groundwater have enough surface water available that will also prevent the city from floods and droughts.

Fridays for future Indore have chosen water conservation as a theme in this upcoming Global climate strike day to highlight the encroachment in the water bodies of the city and preserve them as an important asset of any city.

A short video based on this will be released on the date, Tweeterstom will be organized on the same day to highlight the issue while as we would be able to step out and gather the strike will be virtual. The new idea we are working on is to more give time to aware of ourselves through the recourses or materials provided to everyone so we can apply things in our life and try to live a minimalistic life.

We will not miss the opportunity to approach our friends and families and ask them to contribute by being part of such events and helping to change their way of living a life.

Other than the theme and most highlighted issue we would like to focus on people and government to the green cover of the city which is less than 13% making it really important for us to preserve the existing greenery and work on the plantation drives to increase the greenery of the city.

Indore holds the most numbers of vehicles per capita which is another environmental issue and to change that we need to be more depend on public transport while looking the current situation we really require walking and cycling paths in the city to promote sustainable way of local Traveling

So these are a few environmental issues particularly we are focusing in Indore and would like to highlight among the local citizens so that they can stand for themself as this is part of their life and all is going to effect each one of us!

(The views expressed in the article are the author’s own. Let Me Breathe neither endorses nor is responsible for them.) 

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