Try the ‘Airpocalypse’ filter to tell your pollution stories

By: LMB Staff

Let me breathe has launched a new AR filter!


The concept of the ‘Airpocalypse filter’ is simple. Telling a story on pollution and climate change using that one weapon which has become a symbol to keep us safe during pandemics and during an air pollution crisis: The FACE MASK that has become integral to our lives now.

Millions of people die of air pollution annually across the globe and in India.

According to research by IQ AirVisual, a Swiss-based group that gathers air-quality data globally, and Greenpeace in 2019, of the world’s most polluted 30 cities, 22 are in India.  Another study claims that poor air quality caused 1.2 mn deaths each in India and China in 2017. With growing air pollution, people resort to wearing masks or other devices that claim to reduce the risks. 

AQI Levels

But, the COVID lockdown has given hope for cleaner air and blue skies. September 7 will be the first-ever ‘International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies.’

(AR is the future of storytelling and Let Me Breathe wants to give power to each individual to tell their story which can create change, so here it is the filter that is called the ‘Airpocalypse Filter‘. Tell your #CleanAirBharat stories using the AR filter and tag us!)

LMB Staff

LMB Staff

Let Me Breathe (LMB) is a platform that provides space to document and tell unbiased stories of living and surviving air pollution, climate change and highlights positive stories on sustainability– by simply using their 🤳🏾

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