Student environmentalist calls out Shah Rukh Khan after Bungalow Mannat was covered in plastic sheets

By: Siya Bhatia

Photographs of Shah Rukh Khan’s Mumbai home, Mannat have gone viral after it was covered in plastic sheets due to the ongoing monsoon season.

Refuse single-use plastics
Image Source: ET Times

SRK and Gauri’s house Mannat is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mumbai.

But, the move did not go well with environmentalists because of the adverse effects of single-use plastics on the environment. Aditya Dubey, a youth environmentalist from New Delhi, while calling out Shah Rukh Khan, placed an order for Cotton biodegradable Curtains at the actor’s residence.

He tweeted, “Just placed an order for Cotton Canvas biodegradable Curtains for my fav Shah Rukh Khan so that he can do away with the obnoxious plastics, which r covering his beautiful home.Hope he will switch to eco-friendly options & send strong message against use of plastic.”

The covering of Mannat with plastic sheets came as a shock to Aditya. He says, “SRK is a role model and icon to many in india and abroad, not only because of his stardom but because he comes across as an intelligent, humane and socially conscious person. Millions across India aspire to be like him and emulate him so when such a great Icon unknowingly does something which maybe detrimental to the environment it has a cascading effect.”

“The photographs of obnoxious plastic sheets covering his beautiful home Mannat came as a shock to me as I felt that many of the thousands of people who visit Mannat everyday or millions who may watch it over TV may think- hey that’s a great idea let’s cover our homes, cars, vehicles, etc this monsoon with transparent plastic sheets like SRK does,” he added.

He added that this will give a jump to unnecessary plastic use and consequent poisoning and choking of the planet by plastic waste.

“Therefore, we requested him over Twitter to take down the plastic sheets and switch to eco friendly alternatives. However, he is a busy man and thus couldn’t respond, so today we have send him as a gift some cotton canvas curtains which he can use in place of the plastic sheets. We are hoping it will serve as a reminder of his 2019 pledge during TedTalks regarding not using plastic and he will oblige us by taking the plastic coverings down and send a strong message to the people about the damage plastic causes to the environment. I feel he is a nice person and so have a hope that he will respond positively,” says Aditya.

Siya Bhatia

Siya Bhatia

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